Working from home

For many commuters or aspiring entrepreneurs working from home is the holy grail.

To be able to say that you are “working from home” gives the impression that you are in charge of your own destiny, master of all you survey from the lofty tower of your home office, able to set your working day to suit you and free from the shackles of the daily commute.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to provide for their family and still be around when the little one takes their first steps or being able to have dinner as a family instead of eating on your own when everyone else is in bed after a long day.

Just search the internet there are many opportunities to “Make money online” working from home or to hunt for job websites that allow you to search for that next homely career move.

Working from home, this is a modern aspirational progression of your career or a trendy lifestyle choice. However in history working from home was the norm and not the exception, after all where else was there to work? The skilled cobbler, or lace maker of Victorian times would of worked from home not from choice but from necessity, to provide money to put food on the table. Indeed this is also the norm in poor and developing countries like India, where many in a community will be doing work from home, often performing skilled but low paid work. Then of course there is subsistence farming, where you grow what you need to survive, isn’t that working from home?

So has society now decided to go full circle and shun the corporate rabbit hutches and soul-less offices to become individuals again or are they being lured in to it by a dream of freedom, to regain a sense of self and control for their careers or businesses?

Maybe, but maybe not. I don’t have the answer, I am merely posting a thought as a person who spends at good chunk of their working week from home.

Not everything works at home

For some companies its sound financial sense, its cheaper to employ staff knowing that they don’t have to house them during their working day, not having to pay for the electricity or gas needed to keep them warm dry and productive. Some companies are more open to this than others, indeed some industries work better than others. I don’t think i would be so keen to go to a brain surgeon operating out of their box room office at home!

Lets get one thing straight, working from home is not for everyone.

To some its isolating or distracting, staring at the same four walls feeling like you never leave the house can affect productivity. To others its amazing being able to get up and work knowing there is no
commute, to sit at their PC in their most inappropriate joggers or dressing gown. Be able to put in a full and productive day whilst singing your head off to your favourite playlist with out annoying your co-workers.

You have to be focused to work from home, you have to be much more diligent than in an office. This applies if you are an employee wage slave or a budding entrepreneur, the distractions are many but the rewards can surpass the hardship.

Over time i shall add suitably amusing, interesting or even just down right random thoughts on life spent working from home and achieving your goals.


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