Just do it … the start of things to come

This is the first posting to this blog. It took me long enough to write something suitably pithy and pertinent for the About Us section so hopefully I am on a literary roll by now.

Everything has to start somewhere as they say “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. I like quotes, sometime they make no sense sometimes they ring that bell in your head when you need an answer.

I could and am quite likely to, procrastinate a lot. This is my blog to indulge my verbal and textual whims and generally put all manner of disjointed and irrelevant wittering. Its a fault that many of us can identify with, give us as a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and we will draw, write, fold, destroy or doodle .

Indeed it would make an interesting sociological or psychological study to see what the average  group of people would do given just those two simple things (it may already have been done but then I am not an -ologist).

Anyway i digress, the point of the blank sheet of paper and a pencil…. write your goals down!

| have read an number of business, marketing and self help books lately. I like them, some make me sit up and think for a while, others make me despair at the simplicity and off-handedness of their ideas and yet their are others that may have one page or even one line that gives you that inspirational lightbulb moment. But what they all do is broaden the mind, the help you to learn, they give you an insight in to someone else thoughts.

So back the the goals that i disjointedly mentioned above, the majority of self help and business books all say roughly to make goals and write them down. Once they are there you can see them, they are not floating round your head, they can be organised and assuming you dont lose the piece of paper they cant be forgotten!

Goals are amazing, goals are great you have to have them but one underlying thing needs to happen in order to achieve them and that boils down to a few small words.


One book I read which was very interesting on this subject was JFDI: The kick ar*e format to make YOUR business match YOUR ambition. written by a lady called Kate Lester. Similar age to me and based in England, which i do find a plus point for this kind of book , so many widely touted books are American. Whilst I appreciate that Americans have much to say on things I do prefer to have these ideas contextualised to doing business in a country I understand and relate too. When my quest for global commerce gets me to America, I may well change my ideas!

Anyway, her writing was very good, OK so i don’t have a national logistics franchise company like her, but many other points I could so easily identify with. Not just on the business front but in having the correct mindset to actual get on and JUST F****** DO IT

At the end of the day if you don’t “just do it” you will still be sitting there with a blank piece of paper and a pencil!

That so easily applies to everything…you have to do it. Even in this society with its masses having such a great sense of entitlement to anything and everything, if you want something you have to do it, no one else..

I did say this would be disjointed and rambling, but what I am trying to put across is this blog could of been an idea, could of been something that I mull over and over again and again, could of been planned to the n’th degree. But it wouldn’t exist, it wouldnt start until i said to myself “just do it”

One thing that underlined this to me was a page in a book by Nigel Botterill where he recounted a badly written sales letter generated more sales than a sales letter that wasnt sent. pretty obvious really  but it so makes sense.

Just Do It…apologise later (unless of course its illegal and then i don’t condone that action)


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