7 Powerful ways to feel better about yourself

A big fat numerical 7, yes count them 7 ways to feel better about yourself and not only 7 ways but 7 powerful ways to feel better about yourself. Who wouldn’t want to know what they are and how they can help?

Now the question I am interested in is is it the number 7 that is important to the title of this story or is it the Powerful ways to feel better about yourself. Is it the quantity or the substance that is important?

I could give a list of 7 random ways that may or may not help and in no particular order and indeed i shall later in this article, but first let us focus on the the possible manipulation or marketing draw of the title.

Pick a number any number…

I don’t know if you have ever noticed but a large number of blog titles and even those little adverts you get with pictures in, all seem to have numbers in the title. Is the number important, does it make a difference? Well if you have followed them to see what they were about then the answer is yes, they must make a difference. Why though would number make a difference as to whether you click on something?

well another list could come in to play here…

1. You know what you are getting

Your time is precious, its better to know that you are not committing to several hours to read something when you only have 10 minutes.

2. Helps to focus the article

We all like steps and lists and as a writer of this blog its  very easy to stray off subject (check my other posts and you will see lol )

3. Easier to digest smaller concise chunks

When things are broken down in small chunks its less daunting to remember or digest

4. The brain organises numbers better

The brain is a bit like a big card index of information and its easier to store stuff if you have the numbers to index it with


The next time you see an article with 5 of this and 12 of that in the title, you know that the writer is tapping in to these subconscious triggers to draw you in to read their article or buy their product

So, 7 Powerful ways to feel better about yourself..

1. Do not dwell on the past

The past happened, you cant change it, you just have to let go. Learn from it yes, move on definitely, let it hold you back never!

2. Do not worry what others think of you

By and large most people really don’t care if you feel better about yourself. The Facebook “friend” you went to school with who you have not spoken to in twenty years, couldn’t give a toss what you are up to. OK, they may be curious, they may be nosy, but what you do and how you feel has no baring on their day. So don’t worry what people think, they aren’t you, they never will be…just be the best you can be.

3. Do not be negative

Nothing is more destructive to your mental attitude than being negative about things. It also doesn’t help you to be someone that others want to be around. Negativity breeds reasons not to do something and reasons not to do something will never make you feel better about yourself. Negative thoughts will certainly never help you to achieve things in your life

4. Do not worry about things that do not matter

Worrying about things you can not change or have influence on is just a massive waste of time and energy. As time is precious you are diverting this resource to the complete opposite to making you feel better about yourself

5. Stay Focused

Persistence, dogged determination and focus, forces the mind and well being on the important things. Whether this to make money, be a better person or even making a version of the Titanic in match sticks requires focus. This point is also massively helped by point number 6….

6. Have clear goals

Chaos ensues all around like smoke particles traveling in a random Brownian motion ( good use there of my education!). Without having goals how can you say you have achieved things, how can you measure your success to yourself, how can you know what plan of your life to work and strive for?

7. Just Do It!

At the end of the day feeling better about yourself will never happen if you don’t Just Do It! Let yourself feel better . Let yourself be what and who you want to be, no one will do it for you.


7 ways to feel better about yourself - do not worry about things that do not matter




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