Why do you need web support?

Why does my business need web support?

Having a website is a bit like buying a car or a van. You pick it up, all nice shiny and purring like a big cat. You are proud and happy, desperate to cruise. However after a while of joyous trouble free motoring a strange noise comes, a judder or in the worse case the head gasket goes in a plume of steam!

Most people are happy to top up the water and oil or hang an air freshener from the rear view mirror. But that’s about as far as things go, there are however some people have the spare time and desire to get their hands dirty to fix their treasured vehicle themselves. Or you may know a bloke who knows a bloke and can do it on the cheap for you.

Most likely though, off you go to a garage, mumble something about a funny noise in your near-side, off-side doodah only to be given a knowing look and a shaking head as the mechanic sucks their teeth. This will cost!

This could have been prevented with regular care, tuning, servicing and valeting.

Having regular support and attention for your website will help prevent that costly digital plume of steam

A website for your business is likely to have been a costly investment of your hard earned money and time. You can always get cheap ones, but like the car or van you get what you pay for.

Make the most of your investment, look after it and with our help it will serve your business well!

That is why website servicing packages have been designed to give you the support you need at a low cost price.

By paying a small regular monthly subscription you are entitled to have your site looked after and cared for, to have niggles worked out and the whole site kept ticking over and fresh.

For less than the cost of a good cup of coffee a day, your business can secure peace of mind that the website will be looked after so you an concentrate on your business.

Time is precious and a resource you cant claim back, so when your website starts to make the “strange noise” or you need new alloys put on, don’t waste your own time….let us do it for you.

For a good example of this kind of service have a look at my latest venture – www.sussexwebsupport.co.uk

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