Quick Review of Amazon Fire TV

So why Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV

I have looked long and hard for years to find a good media centre to stream films, music and photos on to the TV. I have tried using an xbox, xbmc, a number of network hard drives running things like Twonky and TVersity, even a little HD media player that plugs into the tv. Whilst all have been ok for their time, they had something lacking, nothing had the complete package i was after.
Well now i am pleased to say a toy is around that satisfies my geeky need, Amazon Fire TV. This surprising small gadget is amazing!

Its is basically about the size of a two CD cases stuck together. It has a sleek black design with only a tiny blue light which means it wont light up your room like a beacon when you decide to turn it of and go to sleep. There is no massive power adaptor brick just a black Amazon branded plug (so you know which one to remove when you want to take it another room!).

Amazon Fire TV Controller
Amazon Fire TV Controller

The controller is small and has a minimal set of buttons and a little rotary dial, with such little on it I wondered how it can control everything.

But then you don’t need a load of buttons as the on screen interface is simple. The controller also has that nice slight rubbery texture that doesn’t make you feel like you are holding another plastic brick in your hand.

Oh and don’t forget that this little controller also doubles as a microphone for voice controlled searching. Yep you can talk to the box and it will find you stuff!

Ok, it will only find you stuff from Amazon but if you have an Amazon Prime subscription this is still pretty cool!

Some of the Amazon Fire TV apps
Some of the Amazon Fire TV apps

With all the streaming stuff that out there there are apps for the likes of Spotify, Netflix Amazon Prime (off course this is built in!) BBC Iplayer, You Tube and many others, it will take you a long time to get through everything before saying there is nothing to watch on the telly.

Another thing is that certains apps will allow you to throw content from your phone or tablet to the tv, and carry on where you left off. Imagine you are watching something funny on YouTube on your tablet and you are chuckling away when you wife comes in and says what you laughing at you can just point to the TV and they can see to…amazing.

The price isnt to bad either, £79 is usual price but if you check amazon often enough they may have deals. If £79 is to steep then look at the Amazon Fire TV’s little brother the Fire TV Stick. This does pretty much most of what its bigger brother does at only £35.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime subscription these are still very useful, just load up the Plex App and set up the very simply Plex Server on your home pc and bobs your uncle all your home media is available on screen and in another room!

Well I am off to go have a binge watching session of what ever takes my fancy….

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